Monday, March 9, 2009

TMR for Bachelor

ABC's The Bachelor has been a viewer favorite in each of its seasons. They have paired good looking guys with great looking women, and it has been a recipe for success. But as the years have gone on, there has been less and less drama. We have come to expect the usual twists and turns that once made the show so great. That is why we are advocating TMR for ABC's Bachelor.

Matthew Berry, also known as The Talented Mr. Roto (TMR for short), is an ESPN Fantasy Sports analyst. He has also worked as a writer in Hollywood, and has done comedy with greats such as George Carlin and Dennis Miller. Berry has done radio shows, and appeared on ESPN's Cold Pizza. He is also involved with several of the highest rated podcasts on iTunes, such as the Fantasy Focus Football and Baseball podcasts. Additionally, he won numerous other awards, including a Fantasy Sports Writers Association award five times, including a Writer of the Year award. But most importantly, he won an Emmy for his work on Fantasy Focus Now.

Berry would provide the element that The Bachelor has been missing all these years, someone who would truly benefit from their help. He would also add a comedic element; he actually has a personality and would not be dry and boring on camera. ABC would reach a different demographic as well due to his work with ESPN. He is someone that America could truly fall in love with.

While ABC may be unaware of how perfect TMR is for The Bachelor, we are, and must make ABC aware of what they are missing out on. To show your support for The TMR, sign this petition:

Tell all your friends to sign so we can watch The TMR on ABC's The Bachelor.